Fundaziun Gion Antoni Derungs


The Fundaziun Gion Antoni Derungs was founded in 2014 in Chur. The goal of the foundation is to secure and promote the distribution of the works of the most significant contemporary Rhaetian composer and musician Gion Antoni Derungs. The foundation contributes in stabilizing his reputation as the leading Swiss composer of modern times.

This is mainly achieved through:
  • The indexing and publication of the compositions
  • The circulation and distribution of his works in Switzerland and abroad
  • The expansion and maintenance of the electronic information database
  • The support of the formation of an archive by the Cantonal Library of Grison
  • The promotion of concerts with his compositions and other events
  • The counselling, journalistic, and material support of concerts with his compositions
  • The fostering of relationships and exchange between interpreters, sponsors and followers of his work

The foundation is a non-profit institution and does not follow any commercial interests. The activities of the foundation are financed through project contributions and contributions by the association.

Advisory council

  • Beat Fehlmann, Intendant der Südwestdeutschen Philharmonie Konstanz
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Hinrichsen, Musikwissenschaftliches Institut der Universität Zürich.
  • Clau Scherrer, Musiker
  • Dr. des. Andrea Wiesli, Musikerin

Sponsoren Aufbauphase

Die Partner der Aufbauphase unterstützen uns mit allgemein einsetzbaren Mitteln in den Anfängen der Stiftung. Dies gab uns insbesondere die Möglichkeit, Projekte zu ubernehmen, für die sich nur schwer spezifische Projektmittel finden liessen.







Grants for Junior Scholars

The Fundaziun Gion Antoni Derungs awards grants to students, doctoral students and junior researchers for academic papers within the field of musicology with a specialization on the works of Gion Antoni Derungs. read more

Edition of the Songs

Gion Antoni Derungs song creations are extraordinarily extensive and in terms of song genre very diverse. read more

Catalogue of Works

A work edition which systematically lists all song sheets is missing. read more

Concerts 2015 for Gion Antoni Derungs 80th birthday

We celebrated Gion Antoni Derungs 80th birthday in fall 2015. Three major concerts with works by the composer were performed during this anniversary year. The foundation Gion Antoni Derungs honoured this occasion with its own symphony concert. read more

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Prof. em. Dr. Heinz Hauser


Greithstrasse 3, 9402 Mörschwil


Dr.iur. Dr.h.c. Giusep Nay

Vice President

Voa Tgiern seura 19, 7077 Valbella


Dr. Bernard Cathomas

eh. Direktor der Schweizer Kulturstiftung Pro Helvetia

Caluna 24, 7000 Chur


Mario Schwarz


Werftstrasse 6, 9320 Arbon


Dr.des. Laura Decurtins Rosset

Musicologist, Editorship

Florastrasse 19, 9000 St. Gallen


Heidi Derungs


Schellenbergstrasse 37, 7000 Chur


Susi Derungs

Representatives of the family

Arlibonstrasse 34, 7000 Chur


Susanne Bürgisser-Derungs


Untere Rebenhübelstrasse 14, 5707 Seengen